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Product Profile
Creative Sensor Inc. has three primary image sensor product lines:
Linear Sensors
Linear Sensors

Creative Sensor Inc. is the world’s largest and foremost supplier of contact image sensor modules (CISM) for image scanning applications.  We possess the technical expertise and supply chain to develop customized CCD and CMOS CISMs and deliver a top-quality product at a competitive price with speed and efficiency.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority.  Contact our sales office to discuss your imaging sensor needs and how Creative Sensor Inc. can help your product succeed.

CSI Product Relations
Sales Department
Line: +886-2-89121289

Laser Dicing

Stealth Laser Dicing

It is a dicing method that forms a modified layer in the wafer, by focusing a laser inside the wafer, and then implements die separation with a machine such as a tape expander.
Widely used for MEMS, RFID,Image sensor...etc.

Stealth laser dicing advantages:
1. Completely dry process dicing
2. Dust-free dicing
3. More than 4 times faster compare to blade dicing
4. Zero Kerf-loss
5. Better die strength
6. Able to cut for ultra thin wafer directly
7. No ESD damage

Wuxi Creative Sensor
Line+86-510-85342588 , ext : 666 , 688

Infra-red & VNIR Products Long-wave Infrared & VNIR Products

Creative Sensor Inc. is manufacturing different kinds of high performance uncooled long-wave infrared and VNIR detectors and camera modules, which are being applied in many different areas including security surveillance, drone, transportation,industrial applications, national security etc.
And for the LWIR camerea modules manufactured by CSI, the sensors of which are all mostly from Europe famous sensor company.
Flexible customization service can also be provided based on customer requirement.

Contact Window: New Product Team Sales Department
Contact Window: New Product Team Sales Department
Tel : 02-89121289


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