1. Reflecting on Innovation, Acting on Innovation
Within the constantly changing environment of technology, every employee of Creative Sensor must reflect on innovation in order to bring about breakthroughs. Innovative techniques surpass existing constraints to pursue efficiency and quality, while accumulating intellectual assets and competitive ability.
2. Pooling Wisdom and Effort, Striding Forward Hand in Hand
Every employee is an important member of the family that makes up Creative Sensor. Within this community, consensus must be formed, so that a spirit of respect, caring, teamwork and selflessness is developed, and mutual efforts are made for company growth and development.
3. Honest Effort, Creating Win-Win Results
The members Creative Sensor spring from society, as does its very growth. Whether talking about our shareholders, employees, clients and business partners, Creative Sensor must listen carefully to every individual’s needs and wants, and strive to fulfill the following critical tasks:
(1)To value shareholders, as shareholder support is what allows Creative Senor to develop and increase company value; shareholder guidance and encouragement is the largest force behind our growth.
(2)To value employees and colleagues, as employees are the foundation of our company. Every Creative Sensor employee must interact with others in a sincere manner; increasing employee welfare is also a major goal of the company.
(3)To value customers. Satisfying customers, whether internal customers or external customers, is the greatest achievement for Creative Sensor employees. Hard work, speed and a sincere customer service attitude is the standard criteria for all Creative Sensor members.
(4)To value all partners, as outside support can help Creative Sensor continue to develop and improve. We expect such partnerships to create mutual encouragement and growth.