High-quality human resources is Creative Sensor’s guarantee for increasing high-quality service, as well as its major asset for continuous breakthrough and growth!

Under the operating philosophy of being ‘people-oriented,’ we actively provide employees with various educational and developmental opportunities and environments, in order to cultivate outstanding talents with international outlooks and a thirst for learning. In addition, emphasis is placed on superior work environments and healthy salaries and benefits. Only by truly caring about all aspects of employees’ lives, can they fully devote themselves to their tasks without other worries interfering, and in turn develop outstanding careers.

Education, Training and Development
Due to its ‘people-oriented’ spirit, Creative Sensor places great emphasis on the cultivation and training of talent, in order to achieve its ultimate goal of ‘achieving comprehensive talent development, and combining individual growth with company goals.’

Therefore, through an attitude of assertiveness, responsibility and diligence, we carefully plan various programs consisting of national and international activities for employees ranging from new recruits to specialists and management.

In addition to basic courses, on-the-job training and specialized classes, a large number of other classes are subsidized, which can be freely chosen by employees, in order to give them the opportunity to continuously acquire new skills and expand their knowledge. Systematic course planning is the major target to cultivating outstanding talent, and a key to the company’s success and global competitiveness.

Comprehensive Training for New Employees
In addition to allowing new employees to become familiar with their work environment and increase their identification with Creative Sensor, basic courses for their specialized fields of knowledge are planned out according to company procedure. This assists them in acquiring understanding and confidence in their work in the shortest possible time.

Internal Lecture System
Within the company culture and operating philosophy of working together, internal lectures is the best method for passing on knowledge and skills. Therefore, developing company specialists into outstanding lecturers is an important method for leveraging this experience and knowledge, and spreading accumulated know-how to other colleagues.

Systematic Talent Cultivation
Within this ever-changing competitive field, cultivating both innovative, forward-looking talent and improving management ability at every level in a systematic, planned manner, are equally critical for meeting the company’s future development goals.