At the core of Creative Sensor lies the concept of pooling effort and wisdom, in order to create a future together, and to reap the rewards together. We therefore greatly value our employees, as they are the foundation of our existence. Creative Sensor has consistently striven to take care of our employees, providing a variety of generous benefits, so that they can concentrate on their tasks at hand in a safe, comfortable environment, and find a healthy balance between work and life. We hope that employees and their families can all enjoy the achievements we make together.

※Outstanding Salary System
Creative Sensor has always maintained salary norms within the top 25% of the industry. In addition to basic salary, we also provide innovation and patent rewards in order to encourage employees to make various breakthroughs and apply for patents. In addition, we provide annual achievement bonuses and stock options, so that employees further participate in company operations. Through mutual effort with the company, employees help create a future together, and reap the rewards together.

※Comprehensive Employee Benefits  
Creative Sensor has established a sound employee benefit system, including year-end banquets, regular health examinations and trips for employees and their families, in addition to yearly company trips planned by employees and subsidized by the company and the welfare committee. Bonuses are given during the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, birthdays, funerals and weddings, as well as educational grants for employees’ children. Furthermore, various group activities give employees numerous choices, which they can participate in depending on their personal interests. At Creative Sensor, we employ beneficial, comprehensive benefit planning, which is a major factor in our excellent employee relations.

※Free-flowing Communication Channels
Creative Sensors holds monthly company-wide meetings in which we report company operating results and communicate employee suggestions, and where all employees are encouraged to speak freely. We hope to create mutual channels for communication in which there is no fear to speak one’s mind, and in which mutual respect and honesty is always present.


Jun. 1998   Creative Sensor established in Wenshan District, Taipei City.
Oct. 2000   Received IS9001 certification.
Aug. 2002   Established Wuxi Creative Sensor Technology subsidiary in China.
May 2004   Listed in the top 1000 manufacturers by Commonwealth Magazine; ranked fourth with a growth rate of 306%.
Oct. 2004   Was recognized by ISO14001.
May 2005   Listed on TSE market.
Oct. 2005   Established Creative Sensor (USA) Corporation in California.
Jan. 2006   Obtained Enterprise Operation Headquarter Qualification.
Sep. 2006   Was recognized by TS-16949.
Apr. 2007   Established Nanchang Creative Sensor Image subsidiary in China.
Dec. 2009   Wuxi Creative Sensor Technology acquired the qualification for China's High-Tech Industry.
2010   Some products of ELCC, the sensor new packaging process, have entered the phase of mass production.
2012   Nanchang Creative Sensor Technology acquired the qualification for China's High-Tech Industry.
2013   The Best Quality Supplier Award of brother 2012.
2014   EPSON Excellent Suppliers award for 2013.
May 2015   Received “Technology/Innovation & Quality Award” from HP.
1. Reflecting on Innovation, Acting on Innovation
Within the constantly changing environment of technology, every employee of Creative Sensor must reflect on innovation in order to bring about breakthroughs. Innovative techniques surpass existing constraints to pursue efficiency and quality, while accumulating intellectual assets and competitive ability.
2. Pooling Wisdom and Effort, Striding Forward Hand in Hand
Every employee is an important member of the family that makes up Creative Sensor. Within this community, consensus must be formed, so that a spirit of respect, caring, teamwork and selflessness is developed, and mutual efforts are made for company growth and development.
3. Honest Effort, Creating Win-Win Results
The members Creative Sensor spring from society, as does its very growth. Whether talking about our shareholders, employees, clients and business partners, Creative Sensor must listen carefully to every individual’s needs and wants, and strive to fulfill the following critical tasks:
(1)To value shareholders, as shareholder support is what allows Creative Senor to develop and increase company value; shareholder guidance and encouragement is the largest force behind our growth.
(2)To value employees and colleagues, as employees are the foundation of our company. Every Creative Sensor employee must interact with others in a sincere manner; increasing employee welfare is also a major goal of the company.
(3)To value customers. Satisfying customers, whether internal customers or external customers, is the greatest achievement for Creative Sensor employees. Hard work, speed and a sincere customer service attitude is the standard criteria for all Creative Sensor members.
(4)To value all partners, as outside support can help Creative Sensor continue to develop and improve. We expect such partnerships to create mutual encouragement and growth.
Actively understand client needs, strive to increase product value, and provide comprehensive solutions.

Perpetual Operations:
Adopting growth as the cornerstone, profit as the goal, and perpetual operations as the strategic principle.

Continue enlisting and developing talent to establish a foundation for company expansion.

Taiwan Creative Sensor Inc.

Company Name: Creative Sensor Inc.
Established: June, 1998
Capital: NT$1,270 Million
Chairman: Eugene Huang
CEO : Nick Tsai
Telephone: +886-2-89121289
Fax: +886-2-89121111
Address: 9F., No.501, Sec. 6, Nanjing E. Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Wuxi Creative Sensor

Company Name: Wuxi Creative Sensor Technology Co., LTD.
Established: August, 2002
Phone: +86-510-85342588
Fax: +86-510-85342260
Address: A4, No.93,Wuxi National Hi-Tech. Industrial Development Zone, 
New District, JiangSu, China
NanChang Creative Sensor

Company Name: NanChang Creative Sensor Technology Co., LTD.
Established: April, 2007
Phone: +86-791-88851198
Fax: +86-791-88299459
Address: No.36, HuoJu Wu Rd., Hi-Tech. Zone, NanChang, Jiangxi, China
Established in June 1998, Creative Sensor Inc. is a professional manufacturer of color contact image sensor modules for imaging applications. Conceived through semiconductor technology cooperation with Toshiba, Creative Sensor Inc. has introduced Toshiba’s key optical components for mass production. Major shareholders include the TECO Group, Taiwan’s largest mechanical and electrical appliance corporation, and the Pacific Venture Group. Creative Sensor Inc. is Taiwan’s first company to invest R&D in CCD components for color contact image sensors, and is currently the global leader in the manufacturing of color contact image sensors. With total capital in excess of NT$1270 million, Creative Sensor became a publicly traded company on the Taiwan Security Exchange Corporation (TSEC) on May 17, 2005. In addition to a stable manufacturing facility in Taiwan, Creative Sensor also operates a factory in Wuxi, China. Mass production in Wuxi began in January 2003, further expanding Creative Sensor’s production volume capabilities.

Creative Sensor Inc. has achieved world-class production scales through a combination of assembly expertise and unique manufacturing technologies, resulting in a diverse range of contact image sensor modules. It is Creative Sensor’s intention to continue in its role as an innovative enterprise, providing a wide range of production, technology, and development services to customers. Strict quality control is implemented through every phase of design and production, resulting in unparalleled quality and reliability. In October 2000, Creative Sensor Inc. obtained ISO 9001 certification, and in October 2004, became ISO 14001 certified. These quality management systems are in sync with Creative Sensor’s corporate culture and compliment the company objective of enhancing customer satisfaction through continuous quality improvement.

CSI majors in image related products manufacturing and development. The main product lines are: Linear sensors (CISM), Area sensors (CCM) & Stealth Laser Dicing. Please refer the product information for detail information.